Police shut down Times Square, NYC-- suspicious vehicle

White, 1992 Dodge van parked at Broadway & 42nd... parked for more than a day-- now the focus of a huge response in the middle of where hundreds of thousands of people will line up for New Year's Eve in just 24 hours.

The van's windows are blocked with a tarp... You can see it in this pic I've posted for you. They've now towned the small cars sitting behind the van on the right side of this pic. Watched that from our live chopper shot. AND, NOW NYPD has just asked up to clear the airspace and move our helicopter so we can no longer show their movements from the air.

Mayor Bloomberg is speaking live now at a previously scheduled event at City Hall-- so far, he has not said one word about the big happenings at Times Square.

Will keep you posted-- you know it!