We read a report in USA Today that says local reports show airport restaurants across the country have racked up hundreds of food safety violations this year.


We know some of you are traveling this holiday season, so we asked Dr. Cynara Coomer - part of the Fox News Medical A-Team - to pull together some tips to make sure the only thingupsetting your stomach is too much eggnog.

  • Make sure that if you're buying cold food (ex- chicken salad) that is feels cold and looks fresh
  • Eat at restaurants that seem to be clean
  • Make sure the food is well-prepared and cooked thoroughly
  • Try to eat foods that don't need to be stored at correct temperatures
  • Consider bringing your own food from home, but if it needs to be kept chilled, buy a cooler bag.
  • If you get sick, and you know where you ate the bad food, report it to the restaurant, the appropriate airport authorities, and/or the government food inspectors, so that steps can be made to clean up the problem.