ALERT: CDC Recalls 800,000 Swine Flu Vaccines

Breaking: Just got off the phone with the CDC and confirmed reports that there's huge recall of Pediatric shots for H1N1 protection.

The vaccines were the pre-filled syringes made by Sanofi Pasteur... meant for babies 6-35 months old.

CDC told me the shots are safe but, they are losing their potency and those left on doctors' shelves at this point will not protect kids from the killer H1N1 flu bug. Children have been the primary target of this particular strain of flu so, the Pedriatric shots have been a focus of testing.

CDC says Sanofi, and the FDA periodically test the vaccines that have been distributed to providers and found that some have dropped below a the required potency.

Right now, they are not suggesting that parents have their little ones re-vaccinated but, they want providers (i.e. doctors, clinics etc...) to return any vaccine to the manufacturere that have certain lot numbers.