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Has Santa come early?

No, but 9 year-old Adam has made a commitment to collect 1,500 toys in order to give them to less fortunate kids during the holiday season. He's teamed up with Wichita Catholic Charites. So far Adam has done an excellent job, collecting 550 toys. If you'd like to help you can find more information at:

While some are in the giving spirit others are taking from others. Two recent bank robberies have left FBI agents scratching their heads. They will tell us what details they do have and how close they are to catching these scrooges.

Finally, a 'suspicous' disappearance of a stockbroker and mom has authorties quesitioning her husband for a second time. At first the entire family was suspected to be missing, now its just the mom. We'll talk to the police to see where the case stands. If you have any information about this Utah mom please call theWEST VALLEY POLICE AT 801-840-4000

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