Coming Up on Happening Now

Are you already counting down the days 'til Friday? We've got plenty of news today and all week to keep your mind busy.

  • We've got updates on several stories from last week and some from several months ago. Remember theKristi Cornwellwho went missing during a jog one evening? Well police say they have new information on the case.
  • The Thanksgiving Day murderer is still on the loose, the TX escapee has been captured, and a family's 6 children were terrorized by burglars this weekend. Police are asking for information in the case.
  • We've got the latest on the health care debate. We'll hash things out during the 11 o'clock hour then get down to the nitty gritty with Sen. Judd Gregg in the 12 o'clock hour.
  • Helpful hints on this season's hottest presents: what's safe and what's not?