Cell Phone Robber snaps his own picture!

Woman robbed at gunpoint says the robber sent her his picture... sort of.

See... she was mugged back in October, a guy held a gun to her neck as she walked home from a train station in North Philadelphia. She was not hurt but, the robber took all of her belongings... including her cell phone.

The woman has a system of connecting her cell phone to her desktop computer at home. So, recently when the perp started taking pictures of himself with that cell phone... the pics went straight to her home computer!

She turned them over to the cops... they released them to local media... and viewers began calling with information on the guy in the cell phone pic.

Now, two months later... cops have his name (18 year old Kahdim Cook), a warrant and are on the hunt for the teenager suspected of being the gun-totin' mugger who snapped his own mug!