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Have you purchased your turkey? Do you know what dish you're bring over to grandmas' house? We know your preparing for tomorrow's feast, but we've got news on the show today that you MUST hear!

First, doctorswarn the spread of H1N1 each time you pass the stuffing. The dining table could be a hot bed for passing germs. What do the docs recommend to stay healthy this holiday season?

You take off your shoes andbelt. You empty your water bottles. You package shampoo and lotion into small bottles and put them in clear plastic bags. All this just to get on board your flight, but what about the cargo sitting in the bottom of the plane. A new report shows while you're struggling to get through security cargo slips through without the proper security.

You don't want to miss the president pardon this year's turkey. It will happen around 11:30 today!

Have you heard about climate-gate? We're going to explain it today and talk to someone who's directly involved.