Operation Santa!

Attention parents -- you don't have to tell your children that they can't write to Santa Claus this year!

Children can still send their letters to Santa to be answered, as USPS Agency spokesperson Pam Moody says the Postal Service will continue to run their Operation Santa Program. What has changed, is that generally addressed letters to Santa Claus, North Pole will no longer be forwarded to volunteers in the Alaskan town of North Pole. However, Mayor Isaacson has stated that letters addressed to "Santa House, North Pole, Alaska" or "Santa's Mailbag, North Pole, Alaska" will get a reply.

Of course, for some the concern remains that names, addresses and other private information about small children could get into the wrong hands. However, United States Postal Service policy now prohibits volunteers in such programs to have access to children's last names and addresses.

Now, wheres my pen?