Yes, Im moonlighting. In Camelot.

I joke that its my off-Broadway debut. Thats because the Irvington Town Hall Theater is just off Broadway in Irvington, New York, about 20 miles north of New York City and just south of the Tappan Zee Bridge. Its a beautiful little theater that sits atop the Village Hall (hence the name). Back in the days before TV and the internet, it was the center of Irvingtons entertainment and cultural life. These days its an intimate little space in which audiences can catch a movie, a lecture orthe Clocktower Players production of Camelot. Id received an email mentioning the auditions in late spring. It sounded like funIve loved the music to Camelot since I was a kid, although I never managed to see the show until I caught Richard Harris in a revival during the mid-80s. So back in June, music in hand, I found my way to the theater. How tough could it be?, I thought. Irvingtons a small town. Id done some community theater back home in Colorado more than 25 years agothis couldnt be much different, right? Wrong. The audition was, in a word, humbling. I was the third one scheduled. The woman who had the second audition went in ahead of me. When I heard her magnificent singing voice filling the theater and spilling out to the lobby where I waited, I knew I was out of my league. Leaving occurred to me; but then the door opened and it was my turn. Ive since learned that gorgeous voice belongs to Lisa Spielman, a psychologist and biostatistician who is now our Guenevere. In that role, shes simply perfect. Our magnificent King Arthur is Larry Reina, an attorney. And yours truly won the role of Lancelot. Originally I wasnt sure I wanted to be the French knight who steals the Queen, but its turned out to be a great assignment. Taking myself out of the mix, I can honestly say its a beautiful production and a lot of fun to watch with glorious costumes, cute little children, amazing choreography and wonderful actors and singers who are onstage just for the sheer joy of sharing this beloved fable with audiences. As Lancelot says, Im honored to be among them. We play three more shows this weekend and thats it. Its been a quarter-century since my last play, and it might be another before I return. If youre in the tri-state area and have some free time this weekend, wed love to see youin Camelot. Tickets are available at

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