Intern's Insight

Good afternoon all! Just a quick notefrom your favorite (sleep-deprived) intern! I wanted to let you know that I do try to read each of the responses to many of the posts on the "Happening Now" blogand appreciate every comment!

One comment of particular interest to me was from a reader who stated that my questions regarding the case of Faleh Almaleki (see "Intern's Insight" on 10/23) were somewhat ridiculous in nature -- for how could I question the notion of not being "American enough"? I will acknowledge that the questions I posed regardingcultural identity may have seemed a bit out-landish, but by no means was I trying to justifycriminalactions or question the legal consequences of such conduct. Instead, I was trying to encourage each of us to understand the thought process by which Almaleki was able to framethe thought process leading to his intent and action.

I was once told that once you stop questioning the world around you, you stop learning -- and who wants that?In short, one has everything to gain by questioning and nothing to lose. Once we become firmly entrentched in a certain mode of thought, we lose perpsective of what makes each of us different and none of us without fault. In fact, sometimes the questions we ask can be more valuable than the answers recieved! With this in mind,I will continue asking questions in order to continue learning...and I hope you readers will do the same.