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Good morning! At this very moment, new details are emerging regarding the matter of 7 year-old Somer Thompson who was reported missing earlier this week. Authorities have tentatively identified the Somer's body as found in a Georgia landfill close to the Florida border.A point of great contention that we are further researching is that as many as 161 registered sex offenders currently reside within a five mile radius of her hometown. What do you think about this? Should the residence of sex offenders in YOUR neighborhood be made a public fact? How, why and where these individuals decide to reside after having served a jail sentence for these serious crimes has long been a foremost issue within a larger controversial debate, and Florida Governor Charlie Crist will be calling in & discussing this disturbing case in detail with us.

In other shocking news today we will be bringing youthestory regarding afather of Iraqi heritage who deliberately ran over his 20 year-old daughter, Noor Faleh Almaleki & her roommate Amal Edan Khalaf, with a truck as a punishment of sorts for her increasingly Westernized behavior.

To catch a thief, get a knife to the face or be fired? This is a predicament that former Wal-Mart employee Josh Rutner was not expecting to find himself in as he has said he was merely doing his job as an "asset protection officer" at the chain retail store earlier this month when he chased a knife-wielding theft suspect across the store parking lot in Ocala, Arkansas. Wal-Mart policy states that chasing after a thief in any circumstance is clear violation of company protocol; well be looking into this story further, along with many more to be brought to you soon on Happening Now you wont want to miss it!