Good Morning Happening Now viewers

We hope everyone had a great weekend. Maybe you watched some football? Perhaps you watched a baseball game? Well we've got to get back to work now that its Monday and there's lots of news out there today.

Karl Rove will be with us to discuss is anger toward Rahm Emmanuel's comments this weekend. Emmanuelsaid the Bush administration had no Afghanistan strategy and left the Obama administration to start from scratch. Needless to say, Mr. Rove disagrees.

Balloon Boy, remember him? Well police think his parents put him up to the whole thing. They story that took the media and the nation by storm is under intense speculation that it was a hoax from the beginning. Do you feel gullible? The media hungry parents may be in a lot of trouble soon. We'll tell you what sort of legal mess their stunt could have landed them in during the show.

A new report shows that there are an increasing number of Americans and Westerners attending terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan. WHY?