Update:Help A Mother In Need

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Gloria Lema sent her daughter, Daniela Lopez, to Ecuador to visit family over the summer. Gloria never imagined her daughter would not return home, let a lone be violently tortured and murdered just days before she was suppose to come hom. If the horrific nature of her death wasn't enough Gloria has received little to no help from the police in Ecuador.

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The family and friends have begun to reach out to US Congress members and the media to bring more attention to the case.

If you'd like to learn more or help the family in anyway you can emailJulie Araskog:

They have now set up an account if people want to donate to help Glora Lema pay for the investigation.

All checks must be made to Gloria's legal name: Maria Gloria Lema

and mailed to

Evan Patsch

c/o Wells Fargo Bank

433 North Camden Drive

Beverly Hills California 90210

Checks only.

Cash can be given to a Wells Fargo bank in the name of Maria G. Lema