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Good morning Happening Now viewers! Theres a wide variety of news coverage today sure to keep you on your toes as we head into the latter part of the week. Were bringing you several insightful interviews today with Senators Trent Lott & Sen. Dennis DeConcini regarding new cost estimates and other aspects of the health care bill and attorney Shawn Collins discussing the matter of a 15-year-old special needs student in Chicago who says a Dolton police officer severely beat him in school.

Therell also be coverage of a few stories and issues important to us all, such as how numerous schools are closing due to outbreak of H1N1 in school districts where parents dont want to have their children vaccinated and the details surrounding the startling instance of how taxpayer dollars are used to cover deficits in the matter of a bridge leading to the Clinton presidential library in Little Rock, Ark. What are your opinions regarding these issues?

Theres also an intriguing matter regarding the murder of Daniela Lopez, an American college co-ed who was recently murdered while on a visit to her parents hometown in Ecuador. The issue at hand is the lack of investigation on the part of law enforcement officials in Ecuador who claim they dont have the forensic technologies and resources common in the U.S. resulting two very upset parents and a discourse regarding international justice. How do you think the parents should proceed with finding the murderer of their child and to what extent do you think U.S. authorities should be involved with the investigation proceedings?

We have these stories and many, many more as the 11 oclock hour quickly approaches you wont want to miss it!