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President Obama has invited doctors to the Rose Garden in order to talk health care. Will he convince them that his plan is the best? Will he convince you? We'll have a debate coming out of the president's remarks.

California seems plagued with fires. The fires areserious for homeowners, animals and the California landscape. Thankfully the cooler weather has helped slow down the spread of the wildfires, but we'll go out to California and get the latest.

The beautiful Erin Andrews who was caught nude on tape in her hotel room may have some resolution to her plight. The man responsible for tampering with peepholes and filming Andrews has a criminal complaint filed against him. He's in court today.

Have you felt the heat coming from the General McChrystal and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? The battleground has been set in the media headlines and Sunday morning talk shows. What is the policy and strategy in Afghanistan?