Intern's Insight

Hello! I am so excited to bring you the first in a series of what I hope will be interesting and thought-provoking blog posts on my experience as an intern here at Fox News Network headquarters in New York City! As a graduate student pursuing a Masters degree in Political Science, this is a thrilling opportunity for me to merge analysis and classic theory of a subject I am passionate about with the stimulating and fast-paced world of daily news coverage. I hope readers will actively participate in dialogue with me as we explore together what the news means to us. I dont know about you all, but its so easy to get become swept up entirely in the news as we not only try to keep abreast of events occurring both in the national and global landscapes, but to truly grasp a thorough understanding of the proceedings at hand. In addition to bringing you a fresh perspective on the news stories which have emerged over the course of the week, as an insider of sorts, I will also bring you some fun observations from the perspective of the production, writing, and reporting sides. And so on we go!

Ok, first of all: the 2016 Olympics! On my tiny space here in the blogosphere I would like just to put it out there that I hope it will be in Chicago for a few selfish reasons, not the least of which is the idea that I can consume some pretty delish pizza and hot dogs (double-fisting: YES!) while watching my favorite sports all within a few hours from NYC is an amazing prospect. My fingers crossed for Chicago, but which is your choice Chi-Town, Madrid, Tokyo or Rio de Janeiro - what do YOU think? More importantly, what about the politics of the games themselves? Theres no question that some favors are being exchanged as we speak, and with all thats going on I can hardly believe that Obama incurred the great expense of time and resources to present to the International Olympic Committee. I cant help but feel that politics aside, the presidents time can be used to better ends given the enormity of issues which he has to face during this time does anyone else think that perhaps he should utilize the tools of delegation far better than he has to date? In any case, be sure to watch Happening Now beginning at 11AM ET for some insightful analysis on the Olympics and exciting live news updates on location!

Another item that caught my particular interest this week was a recent Danish study which has found that life expectancy is increasing in most countries, and has given proof to the claim that the majority of babies born in developed countries will live to see their 100th birthday! While I am at least five years away from burping any babies (Mom, take note!), I find this fairly startling news as now the realities of sustaining a global community where children will grow to prosper has become an increasingly urgent subject.

Regarding the seriousness which surrounds the issue of protecting children, this Thursday Elizabeth Smart gave her testimony in court against her kidnapper Brian David Mitchell. At 21 years old, she appears to be absolutely beautiful and gifted, as she recently graduated with a degree in music composition. I wonder whats really going on in her head, but I applaud her for having appeared so composed during her court testimony and so strong as she fought for survival when she was being raped daily. As we count down the minutes to the weekend finally beginning (GO GOPHERS!), lets keep in mind the case of the missing baby torn from its mothers arms earlier this week in Tennessee. If youve seen any women (the primary kidnapping suspect was described by police as a heavyset white woman with blonde hair) with a child who hasnt appeared pregnant in recent months, please notify the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-TBI-FIND.

Thanks, and see you next Friday!