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Good morning all! As we get closer to the magic hour to the show airing live within the hour were working on a variety of stories today sure to keep you tuned! Today we are extremely excited to welcome Senator Joe Lieberman to the show where hell answer some key questions on your concerns about newest developments in Afghanistan!

On the domestic front we have some interesting stories for example, how does a criminal convicted with two life sentences manage to stroll casually out of the courthouse where he was being held for sentencing?

Well bring you that story and others including how your tax dollars are being spent on the most luxurious strip of them all (hint: Were going to Cali, Cali) and the latest news regarding the sad case of a days-old baby being kidnapped from the arms of its mother who was savagely attacked as the abduction took place.

On a sweeter note (no pun intendedI think), one of the show producers came up with a great line for a story tease this morning Give me your almond joy or I will kick you in the mounds! If that didnt get your attention, have another cup of coffee (or as in my case, two) and tune in to learn about a British study which outlines how there may be a significant link between children who consume excessive sweets and criminal behavior as adults.

And with that, onto the show enjoy!