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You may notice something a little different about our show today. For one Jon Scott is on vacation and we'll miss him dearly, but today is the debut of widescreen! Things will look a little differently, but its all for you. Ifyou want to learn more about it check out

On the docket today we've got stories from Iran to liberals asking the president to cover illegal aliens in the new health care plan. We've got stories that will go in depth on the diplomacy that will need to take place in Iran and give you the latest on Afghanistan.

Have you heard of the two missing girls from North Carolina? They are 11 and 12 years-old. The shocking part of the story: the 12 year old is 9 months pregnant and expected to give birth this weekend.

A brutal beating in Chicago lead to the death of a honor student. How did this happen? We'll have all the details.