Sinkhole Madness in Southern California!

For the second time in as many days, the earth has opened up after a water main break in the North Hollywood, Studio City area.

What a mess. Watching this for about 3 1/2 hours now-- a 42,000 pound fire engine swallowed, nose-first by a sinkhole. The hole opening up at the intersection of Hartsook Street and Bellingham Ave... when a 6-inch water main broke... sending tons of water and mud into the neighborhood.

The Los angeles city fire crew managed to escape the sinking vehicle after trying to reverse it out of the hole!

I've been watching via satellite the cab go under water and mud... whew good thing they got out when they did. And, get this-- DWP can't fix the water main and restore service until they pull out the truck 'cuz it's covering the damaged pipe.

Heavy tow equipment is at the scene... but, no one wants to drive too close to the engine fearing the roadway could continue to collapse.

This is a few blocks from another sinkhole.

Over the weekend, a 95 year old, 64-inch steel main burst flooding and forcing the closure of the heavily-traveled coldwater Canyon Avenue.