Dr. Debt Answers Your Questions

Question: If I incurred debt in one state then moved to another, which state laws apply?

A: It depends on the issue. The contract creating the debt may say which state law applies with respect to certain issues, but the laws of the state in which you now reside generally apply with respect to how a debt collector must communicate with you.

Question: I saw you recently on Fox News and you said something about paying credit card payments twice a month can save on interest and pay your bill down quicker. Can you explain how this works and how to do it? Liz

A. If you are paying your credit card electronically, you simply need to make two electronic payments each month. This can be done on the credit cards web site as well as via telephone.

If you write a check each month, you can send a check to the credit card company twice a month. The check is sent to the same address that you normally send your payment . Make sure to include the account number in the memo line of the check so the credit card company can identify the account to which payment needs to be credited.

Question: Can a collection agency attempt to serve you with a summons to appear in court to collect a debt at your place of employment?

A. Yes, you can be served at your home, your place of employment or anywhere else the process server is able to find you.

Q. How long will a bankruptcy appear on my credit report?

A. A bankruptcy can be reported on a consumer report for 10 years from the date a consumer files for bankruptcy.