Chicago Fire Chief Suspended for Sleeping on the Job

A Chicago fire chief was suspended for 15-days after sleeping on the job during a South Side blaze.

The incident took place in June after a fire bomb was allegedly thrown into a house, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Alarms sounded at Chief DeKalb Walcott's engine company, but when the remainder of the department arrived at the fire they realized the chief — who makes nearly $120,000 a year — was still at the fire house sound asleep, the paper reported.

Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford did not identify Walcott but told the Sun-Times that there are "always at least two chiefs at a working fire," so Langford's absence would have had no impact on how the emergency was handled.

Another source said firefighters scrambled to rescue victims from the house that was engulfed in flames as calls went out to locate Walcott and a replacement chief, the paper reported.

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