After the Morning Meeting

Summer break for the kids is coming to a close, but US Congressman and Senators are headed home for their summer recess. What have they accomplished so far under the Obama presidency and what willthey have on their plate when they get back to DC?

A young teen has been taken from her home. Police suspect the the possible kidnapper took the teen to California. She was last seen in jeans and an aqua shirt. A small dime-sized birthmark is located on her left arm. We'll give you all the details at the top of the show.

Have you taken part in a local Town Hall meeting with your Congressman or Senator? Tons of people are showing up across the nation, and people are not happy. What's happening at these meetings? Are the protests a productive means of slowing the health care reform proposed on the Hill?

Remember the movie "Nurse Betty?" It was the story of a woman who pretends to be a registered nurse. It was a laughable when wewatched it on thebig screen, but someone brought it to reality. She even hosted a dinner giving herselfa "Nurse of the Year" award.Too bad she WASN'T a real nurse. How did this happen?