After the Morning Meeting

[caption id="attachment_2328" align="alignleft" width="205" caption="PYONGYANG, North Korea - Former U.S. President Bill Clinton greets U.S. journalists Laura Ling (middle) and Euna Lee as they board a chartered plane at an airport in Pyongyang on Aug. 5. Clinton won a special pardon from North Korean leader Kim Jong Il for two American journalists after their talks on Aug. 4. (Kyodo via AP Images)"][/caption]

Bill Clinton has returned home a hero from North Korea, having negotiated the released of two American journalists. But what effectwill Former President Clinton's visit have on American/North Korean relations? Can we expect increased communication between the two countries?

Two Russian subs have been patrolling the waters along the East Coast of the US, officials revealed last night. No serious threat is presumed from the action. Could it be another warning to Russia's more aggressive military agenda?

President Obama will remark on the economy this afternoon. Will he have any new statements on the the Cash for Clunkers program or talk about passing his healthcare reform?