After the Morning Meeting

[caption id="attachment_2273" align="alignleft" width="223" caption="** FILE ** In this 1968 file photo, Elvis Presley holds his semi-acoustic guitar during a concert. (AP Photo, file)"][/caption]

How much would you pay for a little piece of John Lennon? Jimmi Hendrix? How about Madonna? Iconic rock and rollmemorabilia including Mick Jagger's jackets, a watch given to Elvis by his father, and a personal video made by Madonna for her boyfriend Jim Albright will be up for auction today.

The space shuttle Endeavor departs from the International Space Station this morning. Was it 'Mission Accomplished' for the crew? We'll show you the most up to date video from its journey back to Earth.

And we'll bring you another updatein a triumphant story that originated right here on Happening Now. A woman began baking 'recession cakes' to pay off her mortgage, and now is planning an entire line of the delicious creations in a truly American success story.