After the Morning Meeting

[caption id="attachment_2246" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="An FBI agent arrives with an unidentified suspect in a major corruption and international money laundering conspiracy probe Thursday morning, July 23, 2009 at the FBI's Newark, N.J. office. (AP Photo/Bergen Record, David Bergeland)"][/caption]

Arrests continue to be made in the massive New Jersey corruption probe. Three mayors, two legislators and a rabble of rabbis are among those indicted. Are there more arrests to come? And where will New Jersey residentsfindtheir fake Prada bags and black market human kidneys now that the schemers behind them are now behind bars?

Some of America's most advanced weaponry and technical equipment is now being moved from Iraq to Afghanistan. But can the United States expect its allies to follow? We'll be speaking to a military expert who will address whether America need be concerned about the possibility of losing international support.

And in a story which seems to mirror one we reported earlier this week, another daring carrescue has been caught on camera! We'll show you the video, and speak to the civilian who saved those inside.