After the Morning Meeting

A Las Vegas car dealership is being told to hide their patriotism this morning. The Nevada Supreme Court ruled that the company had to take down a 109 foot flagpole to support their giant American flag. Officials claim that the American symbol is being used more as a gimmick than a serious display of pride.

ACORN is fighting back! They filed a lawsuit against a Pennsylvania law that is being used to prosecute some of its employees. Do they have a case?

[caption id="attachment_2240" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Lori Cardella of Solon, Iowa gives a thumbs up to a driver who honked their horn as she protests President Barack Obama's proposed healthcare plan Wednesday, July 22, 2009 in Coralville, Iowa. The non-partisan protestors believed that the healthcare system does need to be reformed but they feel that the proposed plan is not the answer. (AP Photo/The Gazette, Brian Ray)"][/caption]

The healthcare debate continues! Today we'll discuss The President's speech yesterday evening, and some of the issues he brought up (or avoided!). Will illegal immigrants be able to receive health care coverage under Obama-care?