La Guardia: Bird strikes AA plane on landing

Breaking: Just like Miracle on the Hudson another plane hit by birds near La Guardia International Airport in New York City. This time, it happened as American Airlines flight #1256 arriving from Miami was just 900 feet off the ground and descending for landing.

A bird or birds hit the plane... possibly causing a hydraulic leak. Crews are inspecting the plane to see if the plane suffered a hit in the engines, flaps or landing gear.

There were 135 passengers and 5 crew on board... no one was hurt and the pilot crew landed the plane safely. It pulled into Gate 10 and emergency teams followed it every step of the way once it was on the ground.

A Port Authority spokesman told me La Guardia is surrounded by water on 3 sides... and foul are a problem. They've been trying to erradicate birds but, it's a slow process.

You'll recall birds hit the engines of the US Airways flight that Capt. "Sully"Sullenberger heroically guided... landing on the Hudson River earlier this year. It was a miracle the plane didn't break apart and no one died.