Bernard Madoff said he was sorry for his crimes of defrauding investors in his multi-billion dollar Ponzi Scheme. And, then the judge had the final say: 150 years in prison.

Madoff spoke in court at his sentencing in Manhattan, which began with 9 victims telling heartbreaking stories of losing everything to Madoff. Cameras were not allowed in the courtroom today... so I'm posting a sketch we just received from the courtroom artist.

It's estimated Madoff took the money of thousands of trusting investors... many of them middle class elderly planning for retirement. He hid the money or spent it over the years...never investing a dime as he had promised them.

His wife Ruth just came out with a statement saying she didn't know of her husband's crimes before he told her shortly before getting arrested. She gets to keep 2 1/2 million dollars while all of their possessions will be auctioned by the government... in hopes of givingsomething back to the victims.