National Man Day

Did you hear today, June 15, is National Man Day. We were supposed to have the organizers of Man Day on the show today, but the President's address took the upper hand.

Joel & Aaron Longanceker have had at least 260,000 pledges on their Facebook Man Day webpage. The brothers want to promote manliness with their new national holiday. Single men and fathers can take part in National Man Day by cliff jumping, playing football, getting dirty or going camping. If you have any other ideas of how to celebrate being a real MAN let us know.

The brothers have ranked their top 5 manly men:

1 Jesus (with a Dad Bill Longanceker a close 2nd)

3-- David Robinson, The Admiral retired NBA great

4-- John Wayne

5-- Clint Eastwood

Here are a couple of photos of them this past weekend gearing up for this big day.This weekend they went camping without running water, cell phones and cooked over and open fire.They did some cliff jumping and cliff diving with the younger brother Josh