After the Morning Meeting

Debate continues over President Obama's controversial call to reform the US health care system. In today's show we will be going live to the President as he addresses the American Medical Association house of delegates on his proposed policies. After his presentation, we'll go to two experts who will debate how the speech went.

Protests and riots continue to rage in Iran, where a 10 day investigation of the voting process will begin, as ex-premier Mousavi's supporters allege fraud by Ahmadinejad's side.

We'll also be speaking to two brothers who are proposing a holiday where drinking beer, tackle football and outdoor camping are the new traditions.

Remember this story last week: $160,000 missing from an armored car when the truck crashed and money went flying.Detroit's State Police offered a no questions-asked amnesty and reward that would equal 20% of the returned cash, but so far, no one has taken them up on their offer.

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