Question of the Day: June 5, 2009

Tina Watson's friends say she had a dream wedding. 11 days later, she was dead.She and her new husband, David, jetted from Alabama to Australia back in 2003.

The couple went SCUBA diving, but only one survived.

David, who was an experienced diver, said his wife slipped her mask off and drowned while he went to the surface for help. A witness says he saw David give her a "bear hug" and then she sank. Investigators believe he may have turned off her oxygen tank. Our crackerjack reporter Jonathan Hunt just reported that there did not seem to be any kind of mechanical problem with her tank.

Now David has pled guilty to manslaughter. Prosecutors in Australia wanted to charge him with murder--which could have put him inprison for life.But taking the deal means Watson will spend just 1 year of a 4 1/2 year sentence in prison.

Do you think the sentence is fair? Or did he escape justice by taking the plea?