How are we going to cram it all in?

We have a packed show today. President Bush has joined the ranks speaking about enhanced interrogations and torture. What is he saying?

The pharmacist charged with first degree murder is out on bail. You'll never guess who's arguing to give him his gun back.

Dr. Debt is here to answer the questionsYOU sent us.

TodayPresident Obamaannouces a new job to secure in the Internet. Who's going to be the first Cyber Czar and what exactly does a Cyber Czar do?

Of course we're still all over the story of the mom who pretended she and her daughter were abducted, but somehow ended up on a dream Disney World vacation.

The missing girl from Michigan, Nevaeh, is still out there. There's been one sex offender in jail since Monday and another in jail on unrelated charges but still a possible suspect. Where is this precious little girl?