Getting Ready for Happening Now

We just got out of our morning meeting where we hashed out the agenda.

At the top of the show Donald Trump will give his decision on the fate of Miss California USA. She's been thrashed around the news-- everything from semi-nude photos to her stance on gay marriage. Does any of that warrant her stripping her of the crown? Or will she step-down from her place of royalty to continue her crusade?

A new commanderhas been abruptly put in placeinAfghanistan.Lt. Gen. StanleyMcChrystal is former special ops. What does that mean for the new game plan in Afghanistan? What will the Lt. General's "fresh eyes" bring to Afghanistan?

Governor Crist from Florida might be trying to make his way to Washington DC? Will the road to the Hill be easy for him? We'll have his opponent in the GOPprimary to talk about the senate race.