A Special Story

Our staff loves taking it to the next level. We bring you the newest and hottest stories each day, but the hard work doesn't stop there. One of our producers is doing his second marathon in a month this weekend-- Boston, now New Jersey. Another staffer is doing a bike ride from Washington DC to New York City.

Her bike ride isn't any bike ride though. A group of Marinesand a few others will be making the 235 mile ride from the Iwo Jima Memorial in DC to Ground Zero in NYC over the weekend. The weather doesn't look great, but they'll be riding rain or shine because they're doing it for a cause much greater than themselves.

It's the 2009 US Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation Charity Bike Ride. 20 former Marines and supporters will be participating in the 1st annual ride. They have already raised 27 thousand dollars. The money raised goesdirectly to a scholarship fund forchildren who have lost a parent serving our country.

To learn more or contributeto the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation please visit their website: