Just out of the Morning Meeting

Today marks the 100th day of President Obama taking the highest office in the United States. We'll look back at his ambitions plans, the things he has accomplished and where he may have fallen short. Later tonight President Obama will have a news conference which we will preview during Happening Now.

Yesterday we broke news that Arlen Specter, the senior US Senator from Pennsylvania, would be switching parties. The decades long Republican announced he would be filing the paperwork to become a Democrat. He has been embraced by the Dems, but those in the GOP are not happy.

The swine flu has led to the death of a toddler in Texas. It is the first confirmed death thathastakenplace in the US.The swine flu continues to spread, but health officials assure us that proper hand washing and good hygiene will help keep you from getting sick. (There is now an official name for the swine flu, H1N1 Virus.)