Americans take back ship from pirates!

Breaking and confirmed by the Pentagon, the 20 US Nationals on-board that hi-jacked Maersk Alabama have now overpowered the Somali pirates.

Pirates attacked the ship that was on its way to deliver aid to Kenya this morning. And, there was wide concern for the well-being of the Americans on-board of the US-flagged ship (Danish owned).

Report: This is first hostage-taking of American Sailors in 200 years. One pirate is said to be in custody ofthe crewand several others are in the water. And, get this report from our Pentagon Corresdpondent-- the American crew was not armed yet, trained in dealing with pirates.

Now, Pentagon saying... the Americans have taken back control of their cargo ship! Wonder how it all went down? And, whether this will send a message to the Pirates-- don't pick on ships running under theAmerican flag... just sayin'.