Missing Dad and 8 yo Daughter/boaters, Miami

from Breaking News Desk (BND): Have confirmed with US Coast Guard the father's name is Phil Burke (they're not releasing the name of the little girl because she's a minor).

per USCG Petty Officer Jennifer Johnson they left Sunday afternoon 4 p.m. to from Black Point Marina to see lighthouses in Biscayne Bay... and were due back at sunset. They never showed and by midnight family members grew worried and called USCG in Miami.

As of my last Live hit on this story about 11:35 a.m. EST: I learned that the USCG HAS found the pair's 17- foot boat. The engineis operable but it was out of gas and stuck in some mangroves (those are marshy-like, sturdy water plants that become a problem when water is shallow). There were no weather conditions to be concerned about at the time they vanished.

Still on the boat: 7 life jackets, including one for a child, their personal belongings including the dad's back pack. But, no sign of the dad and daughter.The USCG is searching with a jet crew, a chopper crew... boats from the National Park Service, Fl Fish & Wildlife.