Question of the Day: March 12, 2009

How do you stretch a dollar?

Times are tough, but the Happening Now staff has spent day and nightbrainstorming the best ways to save some dough. We want to compile a comprehensive list of how to stretch a dollar.

Here's what we do:

D.C. Bookers

Jenna the Super Saver: looks at the Sunday paper for coupons, eats leftovers for lunch, makes the boyfriend buy dinner, and shares cab fares with friends.

Christina the Coupon Cutter: always cooks enough for 4 people. She portions it out and takes it for our lunch the following day. When theres there's extra shes uses the left-overs as an ingredient the following day (left over rice - makes for good ingredient for soup)

Happening Now Producers

Jay "just buy generic:" makes his coffee everyday in a travel mug at home and bringslunch to work (which includes a generic brand soda)

Maria the Money Manager: reads her magazines online

Dina the Dollar Diva: started walking to & from work. Not everyone can do that, but its another way to save cash: Her dad carpooled for 23 years!

Don "don't even think about charging me too much"says: he no longer just goes to one supermarket. He looks for the supermarket that has the best deals so I can get the most bang forhis buck. Hes been cutting back by eating breakfast at home and bringing in his lunch.It takes up a lot of time, but it saves a lot of money by the end of the week.

Now the most important part, what are money saving techniques?