BND: News Conf reveals details about AL Mass Killer

From the Breaking News Desk: Geneva Co. Sheriff and other law enforcement in southern Alabama holding a news conference right now.

They've just listed all 10 of the killer's victims-- who were shoot across two counties. We also just learned the cruel way in which this all started at 3:30 p.m. yesterday. Killer Michael McLendon went to the home of his mother... put her on her sofa, piled stuff on top of her and set her on fire. He shot four dogs at the house and left... for a rampage 12 miles away.

We also learned that McLendon quit his job at a sausage making plant a few days ago. Officials with Kelley Foods are saying McLendon was a "reliable team leader" and well liked. Authorities say they don't know if ending his job there had anything to do with the killings.

Of the survivors, 4 month old baby girl Ella (daughte rof a Sheriff's Deputy) is in stable condition after already undergoing several surgies for her bullet wounds. Shown in this pic in her mom's arm... Ella survived the rampage but, her mom and toddler sister died on the front porch of their home.