Sometimes It's the Little Things

Kids at the Jimmy Fund Clinic in Boston are in the fight of their lives, trying to beat cancer. Some iron workers, working on a new section of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, are giving them a tip of the hat by making them a part of history. Patients now stand at aglasswalkway in the clinic, and holdup apiece of paper with their names. Then the iron workers spray paint their names on the giant metal beams that are being used to build the Yawkey Center for Cancer Care. This way they'll be part of the building forever.

On our show today we had Liz Hoenshell and her 18-months-olddaughter Kristen. Kristenhas been undergoingchemotherapy for muscular cancer. She's already had 38 treatments. Not only is she fighting, but so is her whole family. Lizcouldn't sayenough aboutthe iron workers of Local 7. She told our team that the workers were putting names up during Sibling Week, so not only did Kristen's name go onto a beam, so did her big sisters'. Liz told our audience that if more peopletook a page from the Local 7 playbook, the world would be a better place.

Michael Walsh, the general foreman of Ironworkers Local 7, said the tea got the idea from a similar project in the 1990's. They're going to try to fit as many names on the new building as possible.