BND: DOC speaks out on NFL boat tragedy survivor

From the Breaking News Desk: Doctors treating 24 year old Nick Schuyler for hypothermia have upgraded his condition from Serious to Good... although he remains in Intensive Care.

Schuyler told doctors he stayed alive by thinking over and over, "I don't want my Mom to have to go to my funeral." He was in 60-degree water for 46 hours... doctors say his body temperature was plunging and his legs were slipping in the water as he struggled to stay on top of the capsized 21-foot boat.

The families of Oakland Raiders Linebacker Marquis Cooper, free-agent NFL defensive lineman Corey Smith and former South Florida player Will Bleakley... say they will hire private pilots to continue looking for their loved ones.

The US Coast Guard called off its search Tuesday at sundown after combing 16,000 square miles. Short time ago, I did live hit on the Florida Fish & Wildlife crews towing the boat to shore... check out the picture of the boat turned upright...