BND: Losing hopes of finding Missing NFL Players

The dad of NFL player, Marquis Cooper says the US Coast Guard has told the families privately that they are not optimistic that they'll find any more surivors. Cooper and three friends went fishing on Saturday and never returned. A storm system's cold front moved onto the Florida Coast causing 10-14 foot swells and their 21-foot boat capsized.

Nick Schyuler was rescued Monday after hanging onto the boat's hull for more than a day. He told authorities that his friends were able to put on their life vests after the boat overturned but they got separated some time in the early morning hours of Monday and have not been seen since.

Schuyler and the boat were found drifting about 30 miles off shore.

Cooper is an Oakland Raiders linebacker. His father, Bruce Cooper, says the timeframe and risk of hypothermia are working against the USCG finding his son and the others alive.

These are pics of the three who are still missing: Cooper, free-agent lineman, Corey Smith and formercollege player Will Bleakley.