BND: First pictures of 3 pilots in Turkish Airliner Crash

Turkish Airliner carrying 135 people has slammed into a muddy field while trying to land at amsterdam's main airport. The men pictured here were at the helm... two pilots and an apprentice pilot: Hasan Tahsin Arisan, Olcay Ozgur and Murat Sezer. They were all killed along with 6 others... the rest of the people on the plane survived... although about 50 were injured. Some of them are in very critical condition and authorities in Amsterdam tell Fox News' sister network SKY NEWS, the death toll from the plane crash could rise.

When the plane hit the ground, about two miles from the runway, it broke into three pieces... one of them included the cockpit so, investigators are leaving the bodies of the men pictured here in the cockpit while they continue to search for the cause of the crash. They say while they don't think a crime was committed, they are treating the scene like a crime scene to keep all evidence intact. They have BTW found the flight date recorders.