So You Think Refinancing Your House Is Hard...

Have you tried to refinance a cave recently? All kidding aside, the Sleeper family of Festus, Mo. is worried they could lose their home--a cave--to foreclosure. They've been trying to refinance, but no dice. Curt Sleeper says they have 80% of their home paid off, but still may lose it. So now the Sleepers are trying to sell it on eBay. The opening bid is $300,000.

Before the show, Curt told us a little bit about the place. Like how much his children enjoy the notoriety of living in a cave. And how they play with their bb guns indoors and race toy cars ('s not like they can put a hole in the wall!) He said he loves the 45 foot privacy wall they have. It's not all fun and games. They have to pump 300 gallons of water out of the place every day to prevent mold from growing. Wondering what a cave house looks like? Check it out.