BND: Border Agent victory-- Compean & Ramos leave prison

Pre-dawn prison release of former Border Patrol agent Jose Compean from Elkton Federal Prison in Elkton, Ohio... then hours later former agent Ignacio Ramos released from Phoenix Federal Prison in Arizona.

Compean and Ramos were in prison for shooting a drug smuggler and then tyring to cover it up.

This is a victory for them and groups like Minuteman Project who worked to get the men freed... arguing they were doing their very dangerous jobs as border patrol agents.

The men were sentenced to 10 years behind bars... and had been sitting in solitary confinement since January 2007 until today. President George W. Bush-- on his final day in office this year January 19th-- commuted their prison sentences.

So, Ramos and compean were allowed to rejoin their families and will be officially released from Federal Bureau of Prison custody on march 20th. Local reports in Arizona: The men may have to serve the rest of their 10-year sentences at home.