BND: Plane hits home in Buffalo, NY... 50 die

From the Breaking News Desk: Continental Connecting Flight #3407 went down in light snow, fog and 17 mph winds at 10:15 p.m. or so last night. And, now in the daylight we are seeing the carnage and destruction for the

first time.

49 people were on board... including the pilot, Cpt. Marvin Renslow and his crew. They along with one person inside the home have died, according to emergency officials. Two others inside the home that was hit survived and miraculously with only minor injuries... a mom and her 22 year old daughter have already been released from the hospital and are in the care of the Red Cross at last check.

Flight 3407 was operated by Colgan Air... Parent company is Pinnacle Airlines. Pinnacle officer, Phil Trenary is telling Fox News that the twin turboprop aircraft has an excellent safety record and that particular plane did not have any reported problems.

Witnesses on the ground say they could hear a loud noise that indicated to them something was wrong with the plane as it flew quickly toward a Buffalo neighborhood. The plane hit a home and ignited into an inferno. About a dozen homes had fire/smoke damage but no one else was hurt on the ground

The NTSB is holding news conferences on this crash throughout the day and we're carrying those... so stay close to Big Fox!