Phoenix Police, Bomb Squad and Fire Dept. calling a device found at Washington H.S. "a convincing and elaborate hoax."

"Someone went to a lot of trouble to make this look real. And, it put a community in panic and fear spread." That's what Officer James Holmes told me from Phoenix PD.

About 30 minutes into class... a student spotted something tied to a lightpole in the school court yard. Next thing... teachers called cops and they all took a look and IT LOOKED LIKE A BOMB... WITH WIRES COMING OUT OF TWO CYLINDERS, A CLAY-LIKE SUBSTANCE ON THE SIDE AND A SOPHISTICATED CLOCK ATTACHED.

Police tell me their Bomb Squad robot retrieved the device... "fired" it with a water canon and they determined from the pieces that it was a hoax.

School remains in lockdown while they search campus for any other devices. Picture you see here is a video screen grab of my live reporting and live pics coming in via satellite... of hundreds of high schoolers evacuated to the football field.