JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH PUTNAM CO. SHERIFF'S DEPT. And, some frightening deets coming up in this Amber Alert. There are at least 25 Registered Sex Offenders living near the home of little Haleigh Ann Marie Cummings.

51/2 year old Haleigh vanishedfrom her home in Putnam County, Florida. She was last seen at 10 p.m. Monday (last) night in the bedroom of her Satsuma home. She was wearing a pink shirt and underwear.

Haleigh is three feet tall, 39 pounds... with blonde hair and brown eyes. Her DOB is 8/17/03. If you think you know where she is Putnman Count Sheriff's Office wants you to call 911 or (386)329-0800.

Normally, when we get these alerts into the Newsroom, the child is mentioned to either be with a parent in a domestic dispute or someone close to the child.My contacts at the Putnam Co. Sheriff's Department are telling methat when they got the call at 3:30 this morning they first went looking for the Registered Sex Offenders... they're still rounding them up. Meanwhile, choppers, bloodhounds andmore than 100 officers from surroundingcounties are pitching in to look for Haleigh.

H-out, for now.