NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is holding a news conference right now acknowledging thata "maplesweet smell" in the city is realbut, NOT hazardous.

He says New York and New Jersey experts have been testing and studying the air for months after citizens complained over and over again about the sickening odor (but, no one got sick).

Bloomberg says it is... COMING FROM JERSEY! Yes, people here in our New York newsroom began toLOL as he announced that. And, this is serious because thousands of people were concerned that the rotting sweet smell is harmful and it happens about once a month. It is NOT dangerous but, it is stinky according to them.

Last Thursday night, Mayor Bloomberghas just announced--they solved the mystery when 3-1-1 information line calls began to overtake dispatchers with people complaining. He says experts hit the ground and sourced the smell to a food additives plants in Bergen County, NJ... "Fruitarom" uses some flavoring seeds and mixes them with an alcohol and the mixture causes a pungent odor. That odor under certain wind conditions and wind speeds then wafts into NYC in abundance.

And, this video grabI'm posting-- is from the news conference (NEWSER as I say)... and, the Mayor busted out maps!

Hey-- I don't make this stuff up!!!