We Ran Out of Time

At the top of the show wesaw President Obama name Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) as his pick for Commerce Secretary. In the middle we heard that a New Mexico man was arrested for sending 65 suspicious letters with white powder to banks and federal officers across the country. Also, Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps could drown in the hot water he could find himself in. At the end of the hour we broke in with news that Senator Tom Daschle withdrew his name from contention for HHS Secretary (and boy did you have a lot to say about that!) So what did we miss in between? Fox Business Network got these exclusive pictures from the inside of Bernie Madoff's offices. Investigators say he swindled $50 billion from inside these walls. You can see the decor...lots of black. The man who gave Fox these photos, a former employee named Nader Ibrahim, says Madoff loved the color. And he liked everything neat. Keeping papers on your desk was a big no-no. Family pictures were allowed, but they had to be in a black frame. Also, Ibrahim said he has one of Mrs. Madoff's former hard drives. He says is was common for the company to give old hardware to employees when they were going to get rid of it. That's how he got his hands on it. Right now, he says it's in the hands of a private attorney.

And police in Greece launched tear gas on hundreds of angry farmers. They were complaining that the prices of their products are too low and demanding $128 million in government subsidies. The protesters blocked off ports. They wanted to drive their tractors straight to the agriculture ministry. Eventually they agreed to disperse after meeting with ministry.